We offer reliable, convenient airport shuttle service, reasonable price, door-to-door service. Between the address what the passenger provided in Hungary and also between the airport’s in the neighbour countries.

We make the travel 1-8 passengers with cars and mini buses (FLEET)

Together with our partner Zonnen- bus Ltd. we can facilitate different type of transfer depending on the number of participants. We make the travel 9-51 passengers with these types of buses: suitable autobuses for 16 person, 33 person, 46 person, 50 person, 51 person. (FLEET)

There is a FARE TABLE which belongs to our main routes. Based on this table you can choose the right service package. If there is a destination which is not in the fare table we also take an airport shuttle transfer. In this case please ask our OFFER.

Features of the service packages

Common features of shared rides:  
City-Airport:: Arrival at the airport: 1,5 - 2 hrs before departure time, pick-up time is determined by SkyFly Travel
Aiport-City: Factors when assigning passengers to groups: Scheduled time of arrival + 20-30 min for baggage claim
Unique feature "Economy CLASSIC":
"Economy CLASSIC" Free seats are sold, if available, adapting to other passengers’ schedule
City-Airport: Passengers are picked up maximum 1-1.5 hrs earlier than the ideal pick-up time
Airport-City: Passengers leave the airport maximum 1-1.5 hrs later than scheduled time of arrival and baggage claim
Unique feature „Economy EXPRESS”:
„Economy EXPRESS” Adapting to outer passengers, also available when there are no other passengers
City-Airport: Passengers are picked up maximum 30 min. earlier than the ideal pick-up time
Airport-City: Passengers are picked up maximum 30 min. earlier than the ideal pick-up time
Unique feature „PRIVATE”:
„PRIVATE” No need to adapt to other passengers with pick-up times and places
City-Airport: Pick-up time is ideal for the passenger
Airport-City: No waiting time

Why us?

  • Flexible, accurate, precise team
  • We focuse on the clearness and the technical condition of our cars.
  • We continously renew our fleets to be at your’s service with new cars.
  • SkyFly Travel has all passenger licences what is in the current law. Regarding this we serve our passengers with conditions.
  • Our drivers are trained professionals, have passenger licence and PAV-II certified and have several years of experience in passenger transport.
  • You can call us NON- STOP (+36 30 5543838)
  • Door- to door transfer (from given address to given address)
  • These are free of charge:

  • Change or disclaim transfer (no later than the day before travel)
  • We will wait for you by delay, or you can join our later flight.
  • We will wait for you with name sign at the meeting point at the airport of Schwechat and Pozsony in every case. You can find the meeting point in the confirmation.
  • One 0-12 years old child can travel beside parental control
  • Depending on the age a child seat is provided.
  • Our discounts:

  • Facebook discount- 5% from the fare! Details are here!

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  • Frequent Flyer Program: We offer unique discounts from our current fares for the travel organizer companies.

  • Tel.: +36 30 5543838   Email:info@skyflytravel.hu

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