1.  Service provided by the provider:

SkyFly Travel provides airport transfer and other customized passenger transportation services. SkyFly Travel has every authorization required by current legislation.

2.  Placing an order, inquiries, requesting a quote:

You can place an order by filling in the online order form, by sending an email to info@skyflytravel.hu or by sending a text message to +36 30 5543838. Deadline for placing an order: 12:00 noon the last working day before departure Orders placed after the deadline are dealt with on an individual basis.

For information about our service, please call our hotline or send us an email with your questions. For destinations not listed in our price list and for extra luggage (the fare includes: 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 large suitcase, approx. 20 kg per person) or for unique passenger transport solutions, please ask for a quote via email.

In case the data provided are incorrect (e.g. incorrect date, time, address or phone number), we cannot guarantee the performance of the service.

3.  Payment methods:

Payment in cash to the driver, prepayment by wire transfer, or post payment by wire transfer according to specific agreement.

4.  Travel time

SkyFly Travel does not assume responsibility for delays due to reasons beyond its control (e.g. bad road conditions due to the weather, congestions due to accidents). Naturally even in such cases we do everything we can to take passengers to their destination in time.

When the delay occurs demonstrably due to the fault of the service provider, we assume liability for damages.

5.  Waiting time, delayed flights

Time spent at the airport varies depending which SkyFly Travel package you intend to use. (Features of the service packages are available here)

Meeting passengers at the airport:

Vienna International Airport (Schwechat): meeting point at the airport: from the arrival hall please go upstairs with the moving steps (you can find opposite of McDonald’s), after that turn right and go out at the last exit of Terminal 3. If you want that we wait for you with a sign in the arriving hall, the additional charge is 2.000 HUF.

Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport: there are two options - we either send passengers the driver’s phone number the last working day before the flight, so that they can get in contact once their baggage is claimed. Passengers can also choose to be met at arrivals, by our driver holding a name plate. In the latter case passengers have to pay the additional parking fee (HUF 2.500 HUF).

Bratislava Airport: passengers are met by our driver at arrivals, holding a name plate.

If the flight is delayed, the passenger shall inform the service provider about the length of the delay, as further arrangements are necessary for the passenger to reach their destination. In this case we offer two options: Our driver is going to wait for you. We do not charge extra costs. If we do not have information of the delay we will count 500 HUF+ÁFA in every started 30 minutes.

6.  Accepting the Terms and Conditions, agreement:

The agreement between the service provider and the user of the service (passenger) is concluded when the passenger has ordered the service as specified above, and said order has been confirmed in writing by SkyFly Travel. Unless notified by the passenger otherwise after the confirmation, we consider those contained therein and the Terms and Conditions of SkyFly Travel accepted.

7. Zonnen- bus conditions

The passenger transport what the Zonnen-bus accomplished (9-51) the Zonnen- bus conditions are authoritative, which are not the same conditions as described above performed by SkyFly Travel passenger transport. Information: info@skyflytravel.hu

Tel.: +36 30 5543838   Email:info@skyflytravel.hu

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