Other passenger transport means that we accomplish the transport with specific needs. For example: excursions, wedding, corporate events, conferences etc.

Our company, SkyFly Travel has got capable cars for the travelers. With our partner the Zonnen-bus Kft. we are able to do passenger transport for bigger groups (9-15 traveler).


Zonnen-bus Ltd. takes place in the passenger transport from 2004. It is a family company. Father and his son established the company, because they were interested in the passenger transport with buses. Of course to the dreams and plans was accompanied a business plan. In the beginning they bought a small bus and they had got only one customer from Switzerland. Nowdays they make transport for him from 1998. They had free capacity so they could sell their service in the home market too. Thanks for the clients and the plenty of work they are a professional team. They have got an own office, workshop and high-quality goods.

The bus passenger transport is determined by a number of individual factors therefore we need to know the details of the travel. After that we can give you personalized offer. Ask our offer fast and easy here: REQUEST.
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Tel.: +36 30 5543838   Email:info@skyflytravel.hu

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